Design, Surveying & Consulting

As the construction industry is ever evolving, we at PSS, Inc. are doing our best to keep up with the technology of the future by applying it to the athletic fields and producing the best finished product in the market. This is why we have invested the time and money to be able to design/consult projects to fit our customers' needs. We now have the ability to do design builds with complete 3D models and blueprints, allowing our customers to see the finished product before they decide to invest in a new athletic field of their choice.

PSS, Inc. has been doing our own surveying and "as builds" for the past eight years with highly trained and certified people, so you know the project is always done right the first time. This gives us the experience to identify problems with blueprints or designs before the work begins, and working with engineers and architects, this allows us to find suitable solutions to the problems that might be overlooked by some companies and turn into thousands of additional expenses for customers down the road.