Irrigation & Drainage Systems

New rules and regulations concerning water management and runoff have been initialized, and we at PSS, Inc. have taken an active role in participating in regulations for preservation of the environment. We have trained our employees on the erosion and sediment control protocols set forth by the Department of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Irrigation is an important aspect of maintaining natural grass fields for proper growth and sustaining healthy root zones. We are skilled in all aspects of irrigation systems, including water supply tap-ins, valve set-up, water line installation, and irrigation head assembly. Many factors go into the proper construction of any specific irrigation application. Calculations on dynamic water pressure and static water pressure are both major attributes that need to be considered before construction begins, in order to determine water line size and irrigation head nozzle type. We have well qualified individuals with experience to make proper water tests and determine proper set-ups to suit your athletic fields and maintain well balanced water coverage.

Drainage systems are also a very important aspect of natural grass and synthetic turf fields. In natural grass fields, it is vital to remove unnecessary water accumulation in order to provide suitable playing conditions in rainy situations. On synthetic turf fields, it is crucial to drain quickly in order to avoid water ponding on the field surface. Athletic fields range from a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but they all catch rain water, making proper disposal of water a key component to the field. We have designed numerous solutions to solve this problem, including underground holding tanks, bio retention ponds, etc...